It is my belief that people can find a sense of peace and contentment by becoming more aware and accepting of themselves. However, self-awareness and self-acceptance are goals that may take a long time to reach. I do not think that quick fixes promote long-lasting change. Change happens through hard work, one step at a time. Some clients need only a few sessions to achieve their goals, whereas others may require months or even years of therapy. The more you are willing to actively participate in the process of creating change, the greater the return. The best results are obtained by those who put effort into the work.

My goal is to facilitate healing and growth through a partnership with clients, and I am very committed to helping you seek the path that is right for you. It is my policy to only see clients who have the ability to resolve their own problems with my assistance. It is my intention to empower you in your growth process and to serve as a guide along your journey to help you identify and strengthen your own internal resources and intuitive self.